January 3, 2023

Shayari is a very well-known tradition and a very popular genre. There are many different types of it. Most of the poems and structures are derived from the Pashto language. Nowadays, Pashto Shayari is an important part of the civilization of South Asia.

In the British era, the Pashto language gained its peak and got the official language. All the famous Pashto language poems, such as Mir and Ghalib, were received by the British government.

However, Pashto Shayari flourished in both countries of India and Pakistan, and in both countries, Muslims and Hindus continued this tradition.

Pashto Shayari is not only done on paper, but it is widely read, sung, heard, and heard, and poets are organized in which the people participate with great interest. The poets have played a major role in promoting Pashto Shayari and especially lyrics.

Qawwali is heard with great interest in the Indian subcontinent, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has presented the standard Urdu lyrics very well in his Qawwali. Also, Bollywood has also played an important role in the popularity of Pashto Shayari among the people.

Author: Introduction ?

The name of Fargh Bukhari was Ahmad Shah. Born on November 11, 1917, in Peshawar. After studying for intermediate, he passed several Eastern language ​​exams. The graduating Bukhari was ideologically associated with the progressive movement,

but this ideological commitment did not allow his creative openness to diminish. He continued to experience new experiences in theme, language, and poetry. One of his significant experiences is in the lyrics form. In his poetry collection “Ghazaliya”, the lyrics and techniques of the lyrics are used in a new way.

Graduates also played an important role in Urdu literary journalism. He was the editor of the monthly ‘Song Hayat’ and the weekly ‘Shabbat’ and also pulled out a literary magazine called ‘Milestone’.

Pashto Shayari 2 Lines ;

  • حسین خلک د دوی د غم سره فتح او پیژندنه دي
  • پیژندنه د دوی غم دی او زه چیغې کول او ویل کیږم، او خلکو

No 2

  • زه چیغې او وایم چې خلکو !!
  • مینه د څپو څپې ده، د الله تعالی له هغه سمندر څخه

NO 3

  • زما قضیه لاهم د یو ملګري او وکیل (میسینجر) سره ورته ده
  • زه دمخه ترټولو یوګا وم او زه نن سهار ياګم یم

Pashto Shayari Love

  • زه یو دردم
  • او درد څوک دی؟

No 2

  • کله چې قید و، ولې ما پرې کړئ
  • باور مه کوئ چې تاسو زنځیرونه وو

NO 3

  • خپل ټکي هرچا ته مه ضایع کوئ
  • ارامه اوسئ او وګورئ چې تاسو څوک پوهیږئ



Pashto poems with Pashto poetry in the fighting with Urdu translation.
I think there is no such fight before the gamers, if there is, the fight should be mixed with the previous fight.

Despite being a Pashtun old, familiarity with Pashto is just reasonable but hopefully, the companions will continue to reform.
One of the uploaded books by Hassan Khan Sahib is a poem service from the Diwan of Abdul Qadir Khattak!


Pashto Shayari Love SMS

When you tell another person about the secrets of your heart and the secrets of your heart, then tell me what you understand and how are you smart. Because the person who is smart is that he does not speak to anyone, and does not inform anyone of his secrets.

Pashto Shayari SMS

I sent it a message
In which I
Entered some sentences of love and
Also wrote your name below
She was also in a hurry
By adding a to -t
The message sent me back
In a hurry, she had forgotten her name
He did not write his name
Down my name was written

Pashto Shayari In Urdu

A creator whose language
I express myself, there are some opinions about it, some concepts. Poets are often poets in which the qualities of Urdu are mentioned. At the same time, the social and political relationships of the language, and its changing forms have been made the subject of poetry. Read this beautiful poetry in Urdu.



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