March 13, 2023

A ferocious landslide hit Qattarat al-Imam Ali shrine in Karbala, killing five pilgrims and injuring several.

The landslide hit the shrine on a Sunday night, and the rescue forces have started digging through the rocks for almost 24 hours. General of Civil Defence Abdel Rahman Jawdat confirmed to the AFP that they had found five dead bodies, including one child, and they’re forecasting more deaths in this incident.

bulldozer inside qatar imam ali

The country is already recovering from endemic corruption, political paralysis, and war years.

Nawas Sabah Shaker, the Civil defense spokesperson, confirmed to The Islamic Information that about six to eight pilgrims have still been trapped under the debris of Qattarat al-Imam Ali, located near the city of Karbala.

Five bodies have recovered, including three women, a man, and a child, as confirmed by Jawdat.

Qattarat al-Imam Ali roof collapsed

Three children recovered on Saturday afternoon and are currently in a medical care facility. Rescue teams also bring oxygen, food, and water to those trapped inside the shrine.

The rescue teams have been saying that a single mistake can lead to further collapses.

What is Qattarat al-Imam Ali? (Qatar Imam Ali)

This is the place where Ali Ibn Abi Talib (R.A) stopped while he was on his way to the Battle of Nahrawan.


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