January 2, 2023
sher o shayari urdu bewafa

sher o shayari urdu bewafa

This article is meant to tell you From here you will find all the poems of shero Shayari Urdu And as well as Shayari with heart

This article is meant to tell you From here you will find all the poems of shero Shayari Urdu And as well as Shayari with heart, Shayari Urdu with love Sad Shayari Humorous Shayari, And much more you can learn from here……..

How to write Shero Shayari in Urdu?

There is a very easy way to write poetry in Urdu. If you understand Urdu properly then you need not worry. Writing this poetry is a matter of human intellect. Also, you can write many poems and write a lot.


Once you find a way to write poetry, rest assured that no one can come close to your writing. How great poets passed in the world How did they get respect? You too can become a great poet and you can also write You just have to work hard.


Thousands of beautiful poems from different Urdu poets are available for you on this page. We have tried to present to you as many good and selected poems as possible from the long poetry tradition of Urdu. These poems are arranged both in terms of poets and themes. Hope this collection of poems will be helpful in cultivating your poetic taste.

Selected 10 poems

Here are 10 representative and selected poems of all important and famous Urdu poets. We hope you will like these poems.

How to Write a Good Poem: The Basics of Writing Poetry

  • Read and listen
  • Friendship tools
  • Don’t obsess over the first line.
  • Learn to paint.
  • Improvise with literary devices
  • Try telling a story.
  • Get familiar with different types of poetry.
  • Express big ideas.

shayari in taxt love

shayari urdu text

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Style Ahmed Ansari writes that representative and remaining poetry is love poetry from the beginning to the end. Regret has a very sensitive nature and a very painful heart. He saw Hasan walking, sleeping, waking up, crying and begging, burning like a flame and spreading color and fragrance like a flower. Thus, his poetry is not the poetry of Bhagati Dhup, but the poetry of Shabab. Which also has the fun of first glances and alienation. There is also the “barefoot to the closet” period and other experiences of youth. There are all these states of love, love’s eyes, and love’s mind.


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