The Complete Prime Urdu Novel: An Engaging and Intriguing Tale

    • Writer Aatifa Ullah is one of the most famous Urdu novel writer. She writes mostly Urdu romance, and Urdu novel. Many of her books are available in urdu. This site mostly provides all novel of Aatifa Ullah in Urdu language. She completed all of her career in Urdu literature. She is a good story based writer. 

    • Literature is a powerful art which an artist uses to capture the feelings of the people. It reflects the feelings and emotions of the artist in a different way. Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, it has a separate identity from the Hindi language. Urdu literature has been developed in a unique, rich, and magnificent history. Today, I will share with you some Urdu novels which are popular and loved by the people, let’s check out the list below. 

    • Urdu Novels is the very famous category in Urdu story books. World famous writer are Naseem Hijazi, Iqbal Masood and many more. They write about Urdu Novels and Novels in Pakistan. Some of them write about the love, some about the family story, some about the history and some about the social activities. 



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Romantic Prime Urdu Novels 

Humsafar is the most read novel by Farhat Ishtiaq. It is a classic Urdu novel  It is an Urdu novel by the famous writer Farhat Ishtiaq. The book is about the love story of a couple and the story of their emotional and physical relationship with each other. The novel is also about how a man can succeed in life by showing patience, perseverance, and firmness in his way. It is a story of a common man who lives an average life but is a man of strong character. He is a man who believes in his principles and never compromises in life. 

It is a social romantic reform novel by the famous Urdu writer Farhat Ishtiaq. This novel was first published in December 2014. It is about a girl named Maryam, who was born in a middle-class Christian family of a railway station. She is a beautiful and intelligent girl. She was a very simple girl, who always loved her parents and her brother, who was also with her. She was a very straightforward girl, who always spoke the truth, but she was very innocent and could not hurt anyone. She had a strong bond with her husband, but her husband was not that intelligent. He always used to fight with her and he was not a nice man and always used to beat her. Once she met with an accident and then she lost her memory, and she was admitted in a hospital. 

Prime Urdu novel Shiddat 

It is a story of a couple who faced all kinds of hardships because of the society, family and the society. The author explains all the aspects of social life and how it affects the marriage of a couple. The author has also emphasized on the importance of communication between a husband and a wife. 

What is a ‘Prime’ Urdu novel? 

A prime Urdu Novel is a social romantic reformal novel written on the strong bond of husband-wife relationship. Every chapter of the novel has a moral story attached to it which is the key to success of the novel. The novel was published in 2013 in the Urdu language by Farhat Ishtiaq and has been written in a simple and lucid style. The novel has become a bestseller in the Urdu language and was a huge hit among the readers. The novel has been translated into English language by Farhat Ishtiaq and was published in 2017 by the same name. 

Urdu novels are a delight to read. They are a mixture of literary tradition and modernity. Now, what is a prime Urdu novel? A prime Urdu novel is one that is written in simple and easy language, is a pleasure to read, and the characters in it are relatable. Prime Urdu novel are a combination of literary tradition and modernity. They can be categorised as reformist, progressive, or traditional. Prime Urdu novel are more about relationships and incidents in the lives of characters. They cover various aspects of life, such as family issues, society problems, love, and marriage. 

How to select the best Urdu Novels? 

Urdu Novels have always been a part of the Pakistani literature. At some point in time, it was the only form of entertainment for the people of Pakistan. The tradition of Urdu Novels has been carried on with the same passion and zeal for decades. Urdu novels are an important part of the history of our country. Urdu novel writers are the people who have given Pakistan its history and culture. Urdu novels are in great demand today. Readers from all over the world love reading Urdu novels. In this hectic life, people don’t get much time to read books. So, Urdu novels are the best option for them to read. Urdu novel is a book which is written in the form of a story. Urdu novels have been a source of entertainment for generations of people. Nowadays, people are busy in earning a living and don’t have time to read books. But they can still read Urdu novels. Urdu novels are very easy to read. Urdu novels are a source of entertainment for all ages of people. They can read Urdu novels anywhere and anytime. There are a lot of interesting things in Urdu novels. 

A Urdu novel is a literary work written in the Urdu language. It may be fictional, historical, biographical or philosophical. It may be in prose or poetry. It may be published independently or as part of a collection of novels. Urdu novelists are known as Novelists. The best Urdu novelists are: 1. Ismat Chughtai (1915-1991) 2. Qurratulain Hyder (1915-1998) 3. Abdullah Hussain (1905-1968) 4. Kamila Shamsie (born 1971) 5. Intizar Hussain (1914-1975) 6. Manto (1912-1955) 7. Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop 8. Farhat Ishtiaq (1924-2013) 9. Naeem Tahir (born 1960) 10. Masood Ashraf (1939-2010) 11. Qurratulain Balouch (1915-2010) 12. Mazhar Kaleem (1934-2013) 13. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi (1926-2014) 14. Akbar Allahabadi (1846-1921) 15. Musharraf Ali Farooqi (born 1957) 16. Makhdoom Mohiuddin (1880-1956) 17. Jaun Elia (1894-1984) 18. Qurratulain Hyder (1915-1998) 19. Ashfaq Ahmed (1929 }

How to get Urdu Novels Online? 

Urdu novels are gaining immense popularity for their simple language and the ability to communicate with the masses. People are now reading Urdu novels in large numbers and the demand for Urdu novels has increased manifold.  

 How to read Urdu Novels Offline? 

Urdu novels are those books that are written in Urdu language which are written for entertainment, social reforms, and for the purpose of education. There are many novels in Urdu language. There are various writers of Urdu novels. There are many famous writers of Urdu novels. Some of them are Farhat Ishtiaq, Naila Syed, and Mohsina Kidwai. Farhat Ishtiaq is famous writer of Urdu novels. She has written a lot of Urdu novels. Her novels are interesting, and they are famous. Her novels are read by students, and they are famous among them. Her novels are read by the people of all ages. Her novels are the type of novels that can be read again and again. Her novels are the type of novels that are liked by all people. She has written her novels in a very simple language, and her novels have been published by various publishers. Her novels are available at various book stores of Pakistan. Her novels have been translated into various languages. There are many stories in her novels. Some novels of Farhat Ishtiaq are: Humsafar, Shama, and Aina. It is very easy to read her novels. 

 What to do after reading the Urdu Novel? 

When I read a fiction novel, I believe that I am reading a book which is just like a mirror of today’s world. The characters in the novel are the reflection of real people. A fiction writer writes the story of a particular character. He writes their feelings, their thoughts and their actions. As the reader, I become one with the character and I feel whatever he/she feels. This is why I believe that fiction books are bestseller and people like to read them. 



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