Saudi Arabia Removes Limit To Perform Umrah

A new season for lesser pilgrimage began last week in the kingdom so overseas Muslims can perform umrah at no maximum limit during the year.

According to Saudi news portal Ajel, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said, overseas Muslims can enter and leave Saudi Arabia via any airport in the kingdom without being limited to Jeddah.

Applicants for umrah undertakings must obtain a permit from Eatmarna if they are not infected or haven’t come into contact with any patients.

By logging onto the link, Muslims arriving in the kingdom from abroad will be able to plan their itineraries electronically without a mediator.

Taking this step will ensure pilgrims receive high-quality services and facilitate their trips.

As part of easy-to-access electronic procedures available round-the-clock, overseas pilgrims can book umrah dates via the app “Eatmarna” after they receive their visas.

Per the Islamic calendar, the new umrah season began on July 30, which marked the first day of the Hijiri year.

It is expected that more than 10 million Muslims will attend the new season in the kingdom, according to Saudi officials.


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