Now Pilgrims Will Be Able To Perform Hajj and Umrah In Installments, Ministry

Following the successful implementation of the 2022/1443H Hajj season last month, now the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing to open Hajj registration for the next season, the 2023/1444H Hajj season for domestic pilgrims.

The opening of Hajj registration, which is planned to begin in the month of Hijri Safar (September), is certainly quite interesting as it will be the first time the Ministry opens Hajj registration so early.

In addition to the news that the Hajj registration will be opened early, at the same time, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah also announced that pilgrims can register for the annual pilgrimage in installments. The Ministry said that the installment policy only applies to Saudi pilgrims. Meanwhile, updates on international pilgrims will be available soon.

To discuss the mechanism for registering domestic pilgrims as part of early preparations for the next Hajj season, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah held a meeting with the Coordinating Council for Domestic Pilgrims and representatives from the Business Solutions platform on Thursday.

One of the discussion results stipulates that the new mechanism for paying Hajj fees for Saudi domestic pilgrims must be paid before December 24, 2022, and divided into two installments. The explanation is that the first installment must be paid within 72 hours after registration, and the second installment can be paid till December 24.

On the other hand, pilgrims who register after this period can no longer follow the payment mechanism in installments and can only pay once, which is the entire payment should be completed within 72 hours after registration.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah is also planning to offer other new things to domestic pilgrims, introducing a new fourth segment under the name “Economic 2” program, which includes housing in buildings outside Mina.

The new program will also eliminate electronic drawings for prospective pilgrims so that prospective pilgrims can register at the facility directly, with 25% of seats reserved for pilgrims over 65 years.


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