March 9, 2023

Muslims worldwide observed Ashura 2022, the 10th day of the Islamic month of Muharram, on Tuesday, August 9. Ashura is a solemn day for Muslims, commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Hussein ibn Ali, grandson of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Ashura is also a time of fasting and mourning.

Ashura is observed by Muslims globally, who make up a minority of the Muslim community worldwide. Ashura is a day of mourning and reflection. Ashura also marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year.

Fasting on Ashura is common among Muslims, regardless of sect. It is believed that fasting on Ashura expiates sins and brings blessings. Ashura is also a time for charity and good deeds.

Ashura observed differently in different parts of the world. Ashura is a public holiday in some countries; in others, it will be a day of private reflection. However, Ashura is always a special day for Muslims worldwide.

How did you observe Ashura this year? Let us know in the comments below! Ashura is a special day for Muslims worldwide, and we want to hear from you! How did you commemorate Ashura? What does Ashura mean to you? Please share your thoughts and Ashura’s experiences with us!

May Allah grant us all strength and understanding. Ameen.


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