March 9, 2023

McDonald’s is the largest fast food franchise in the world, with 68 million customers consuming their food daily, including Muslims. But is McDonald’s halal for Muslims?

Is McDonald’s Halal or Haram?

McDonald’s is Partially Halal.

Almost all McDonald’s outlets located in Muslim-majority countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, are confirmed to have obtained a halal certificate from a recognized/authorized local agency.

On the other hand, McDonald’s in predominantly non-Muslim countries such as the United States, Canada, and the UK are not halal, only providing a few halal products as halal products are not popular enough in the local market.


Is It Safe For Muslims To Eat?

Although McDonald’s is categorized as a provider of partially halal food, it is still safe for Muslim customers to enjoy it, especially in Muslim-majority countries that have obtained certificates that prove their menus are fully halal.

Ending Note

Whether in a Muslim-majority country or not, Muslim shoppers are always advised to ensure the halal status of their food. Mcdonald’s menus are not an exception.


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