March 8, 2023

Short and easy duas: Duaá literally means a request or supplication. Asking Allah SWT for help. Duaá is a reminder of Allah’s closeness to His servants and keeps us humble as well.

It is not possible for a person to spend all his time on a Musallah (prayer mat) or keep reciting the Quran or do dhikr 24/7. We aren’t from the times of the Sahabah we will get fed up after a while.

To avoid getting tired of constant Ibadah, Allah SWT has prescribed duaás for different situations and occasions. So that anything thing that we do turns into Ibadah if we follow the Sunnah.

What are some Easy Duas To Memorise?

Be it as simple as changing your clothes, done in accordance with Sunnah turns into an act of worship. We can turn our daily life chores into acts of worship.

I also recommend that you go through these Easy Surahs to Learn.

Here are some important duaás for daily life that can be learned and recited when needed:

1- Duaá For Wearing Clothes

Changing your night clothes into work clothes then into your evening wear and then back into night clothes. That’s 4 times we have changed. Have we ever thought of how can this become an act of worship? By reciting this simple duaá:

easy duas to remember

2- Duaá When Turning Over During The Night

Tossing and turning during sleep can be for many reasons, an average person turns 37-40 times each night. Imagine every time you change your position it is written down as a reward, won’t that be amazing, to have gained so much just by sleeping. Here is a duaá if remembered when turning can make your sleep into an act of worship:

easy duas to remember

3- Dua For When Seeing Good Or Bad Dream

People sometimes think dreams always mean something it is not always so, but yes it is a fact that good dreams are from Allah SWT and should be told to only the ones you love.

And bad dreams are from Shaitan, upon seeing a bad dream recite this duaá thrice and spit on your left thrice, and then turn over to the other side:

easy duas to remember

4- Dua For Happiness

Happiness can come in all sorts of ways. It can range from a new job to a perfectly baked cake. Anything that gives you happiness can become a remembrance of Allah SWT as well, a simple dua’s to accompany those shrieks of joy:

easy duas to remember

5- Dua For When Receiving Bad News

Everyone reacts differently to bad news, some fall into a state of shock, some shake uncontrollably and some aren’t able to accept it. Amidst all this, it is vital that we remember that this has been decreed for us and remember Allah SWT with this simple duaá:

easy duas to remember

6- Dua For When Seeing Someone Going Through Trials

We see trials as a form of punishment from Allah SWT, but if we look at it as the glass half full, it is actually a way for us to draw closer to Allah SWT. When we see someone suffering instead of uttering words of arrogance like óh he deserved it. We should immediately remember that Allah hasn’t put us through it with this duaá and also go through these Beautiful Thanking Allah Quotes.

easy duas to remember

7- Dua When Entering A Market

Shopping is a woman’s favorite hobby. When occasions like Eid and weddings are around the corner, we spend countless hours in the market, these hours can be turned into an act of Ibadah as well, but this by no means states that you can skip Salah while in the market just because you are getting rewarded with this duaá:

easy duas to remember

8- Dua When Looking Into A Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

This is definitely why we don’t ask our mirrors but check our faces time and time again for zits, redness, and eye bags because of lack of sleep. Every time you look into a mirror and recite this duaá, you get a reward, and at the same time, you will be making duaá for yourself:

easy duas to remember

9- Dua For Travelling:

Travelling can make your life better in so many ways, it helps you make memories, and makes you more tolerant and adaptive to different environments. Confidence builds up and you get to know more about yourself. We’ve already talked in detail about Travel Duas but here is a very simple duaá often recited at the time of traveling, be it on car, bus or plane:

easy duas to remember

10- Dua For Having Relations With Your Wife

Lovemaking in Islam is a very private act and confined behind closed doors only. Open discussions on this matter have been frowned upon, hence Islam has prescribed some etiquette regarding this and one of them being is reciting this dua’a before to keep Shaitan at bay:

short and easy duas

11- Dua If We Face Hard Times

It is a difficult part of human nature how to keep yourself calm when faced with hard times. It is a situation often faced by people yet we still find it difficult to talk about it. We try to fix the situation but when Allah SWT has something for us it will happen and the best way is to have patience and let it pass. A duaá that can be recited to keep yourself calm:

easy duas to remember

12- Dua To Strengthen Your Emaan

Ever felt like your Emaan has taken a dip? Even when you are trying your best to do everything, still the enthusiasm is fading. Yes, that’s Shaitan at work trying to make you feel useless.

At times like these, you need to restart instead of shutting down, place your trust in Allah SWT and vow not to give in to your desires and ask help from Allah SWT along the way with this duaá’:

short and easy duas

13- Dua After Adhaan

Adhaan, is a call to prayer, which also means announcement. Adhan has an amazing history of how it came into practice. Allah SWT has made sure that we can spend each minute of our life gaining rewards even in the little time there is between Adhan and before the Salah starts. Here is a duaá to recited after every Adhan:

short and easy duas

14- Upon Committing A Sin

Islam defines sin as an act that goes against the teachings of Allah SWT, like backbiting, lying, and many more. Some sins like lying are committed numerous times a day, so here is what should be done:

short and easy duas

15- Duaá When You Fail At Something

Just because you have failed at something doesn’t mean you are a failure. It is proof that you are trying to push yourself; there is no point in beating yourself about it. The key to recovering from a failure is changing the way you think, which includes keeping Allah with you at all times.

Remember that Allah is The Best Planner. You will be able to turn over the biggest setbacks into your biggest comebacks just with the help of Allah SWT. A duaá that won’t let you lose your morale:

short and easy duas

16- Duaá For Parents

One of the greatest titles is being called the parent and one of the greatest blessings is having people whom you can call mum and dad. Make duaá for your parents today, so that tomorrow your children will do the same for you:

short and easy duas

17- Duaá For Controlling Anger

Anger is a natural response triggered when you have been wronged in some way. It is a basic human emotion like happiness, sadness, disgust, and nervousness. Anger can be a good thing if it leads you to find a solution to your problems but is dangerous when it gets out of control and can motivate you to cause any kind of damage. For this purpose Allah SWT has instructed us to recite this duaá when angry:

short and easy duas

18- Duaá For Overcoming Laziness

Couch potato is a term often used to describe lazy people. People who know they have to complete a certain task but postpone it. This is bad you let go of your worldly duties and at the same time, our Ibadah is at risk too. There are chances you do not pray Salah at the appointed time and God forbid it is time for the other Salah. Each and every aspect of our life is affected. We should ask Allah SWT to keep us away from this:

short and easy duas

19- Duaá For Patience

The ability to remain calm in the face of loss, sorrow, annoyance, and a difficult situation. A quality loved by all, but hardly few people possess. This quality is greatly loved by Allah SWT as well, being patient and thankful when faced with tests in life. A duaá that can help strengthen this ability:

short and easy duas

20- Duaá For End Of A Gathering

Gatherings are usually when two or more people come together for a formal or informal meeting. And the gossip, politics, and backbiting are the highlights of such gatherings. We should try not to take part in such conversations, but if we make this duaá is meant to be recited when people disperse:

short and easy duas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is it necessary to read duaá for every occasion?

Yes, it is necessary if you want to turn that time into Ibadah.

Q. How can we remember these dua’as?

It is not possible to carry around a duaá book so write them and stick the piece of paper where needed, hang it in the car, in your wardrobe when you change clothes.

Q. Will it be easy learning theses duaás?

Nothing in this world comes easy, you have to put your efforts into it. When you think of cooking something no one will measure out the ingredients for you, you have to do it yourself. All the hard work you put in will result in a tasty dish.

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