Last 3 Ayat of Surah Hashr – 7 Times for Protection and Success

The last 3 ayat of Surah Hashr have some amazing benefits, these 3 ayat of surah hashr to be recited 7 times in the morning and evening to gain immense protection and success in one’s life. These are very special last 3 ayat in the entire Quran as they mention many praises and blessings to Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his entire Ummah. Read on to know more about the last 3 ayat of Surah Hashr and how they can help you get protection and success in your life! 

For Protection from Evil 

Recite surah hashr last 3 ayat. Allah will protect you from every kind of evil, both apparent and hidden. This was narrated by Abu Dawood (5251) and classed as Saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh Abi Dawood. This protection is against all kinds of evil, including physical ailments. So recite it to seek protection from sicknesses that may befall you or those who are around you such as family members or neighbors. It also includes evil people who want to harm you and cause problems for you. If any of these evils afflict a person, he should seek refuge with Allah from them, then he should recite surah hashr last 3 ayat seven times each morning and evening. Al-Nawawi said: The scholars agree that seeking refuge with Allaah protects one from everything that might harm him in terms of religion, worldly affairs, or life itself. Seeking refuge with Him means reciting Aayat Al-Kursiy or other similar verses which include mention of His Name and saying I seek refuge in Your perfect words from Your wrath and punishment. As regards reciting surah hashr last 3 ayat, there is no report concerning that but Ibn Al-Qayyim said: The fact that there is no report concerning reciting surah hashr last 3 ayat does not mean there is no benefit in doing so because its meaning contains an indication towards seeking refuge with Allaah from everything harmful and destructive. 

For Prosperity 

It has been said that reciting it is as rewardable as keeping one’s fast for 30 days. It is particularly rewarding to recite it three times before sunrise or sunset. It should be recited seven times in a day, which brings nearness to Allah Almighty and He keeps a person safe from different difficulties in life such as poverty, illness, danger, etc. Repeating surah hashr last 3 ayat makes every wish come true quickly. Every problem gets solved within a short period of time. One can also get his lost things back within a few days by repeating it seven times a day daily. It brings good luck and prosperity in business. A businessman should read surah hashr last 3 ayat regularly because it protects him from various problems occurring during business transactions. The holy Quran provides guidance to mankind about how they should lead their lives on earth so that they may prosper both spiritually and materially. Thus, many people read Holy Quran daily with an aim to gain guidance for living a better life on earth. This book helps readers understand more about Islam through its teachings of prophets who came before Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It also helps them learn how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent as a messenger to all mankind with guidance based on truth and justice… 

For Help Against Enemies 

With a little forethought, you can get extra protection from some negativity. Recite surah hashr seven times a day to keep yourself safe from any curses or evil thoughts. By reciting these ayats every morning, your mind will stay focused on things that are pleasing to Allah and you will be better able to resist temptations. This is particularly useful if you have enemies who might wish to hurt you because of something that happened in your life. Reciting surah hashr last 3 ayat 7 times regularly can help protect against their bad intentions or jealousy toward you. It’s also beneficial when someone wishes ill upon you, but doesn’t know how to go about it. You can also recite surah hashr last 3 ayat 7 times for success and good fortune in business matters. 


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