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We are proud to provide a list of different urdu novels. You may be interested to read new urdu novels or old urdu novels. If you are an old reader, then you can find all previous novels. We will update the daily novel here with the fresh novel. 

There is no doubt that Urdu is the most famous language in Pakistan. Urdu literature is one of the oldest pieces of literature in the world. Urdu literature has been functional for many decades. Some famous Urdu novels were published during the British rule and some were published during Pakistan’s history. 

Urdu Novel are among the most appealing literary genres in Pakistan its Urdu-speaking community. The tradition of Urdu novel is closely associated with the development of Urdu language. The spread of literacy in the 19th century and the growing print culture led to the rise of Urdu novel. Famous Urdu novel brought a new narrative style known as “Gissi Ghaddar” that focused more on local issues, cultural values, and urban experiences. 

Surprisingly, amidst the development of Urdu novel, a silent transition has also taken place, creating a separate space for English novels in Pakistan. 

Yaar E Bereham Novel By Zeenia Sharjeel Novel 

Yaar E Bereham Novel By Zeenia Sharjeel novel is the famous novel by Zeenia Sharjeel novel. She is a very famous writer in urdu and she writes very interesting novels. She started her novel-writing career in the year 2012. You can get Yaar E Bereham Novel By Zeenia Sharjeel novel by just clicking the below of this blog post. 

Yaar Deewane novel by Zeenia Sharjeel 


Yaar Deewane  is a famous Urdu novel written by Zeenia Sharjeel novel. It is a romantic novel of the writer. The Writer of this novel is a famous Urdu novelist. The name of this novel is also famous. This novel is famous in Pakistan and other countries. This is the most famous novel of the writer. 

I am reading Yaar Deewane novel by Zeenia Sharjeel novel and I have to say that I am really enjoying this novel. It’s the story of a girl named Rabia and her love for the guy Yawar. It’s the story of their friendship and it’s the story of their love. It’s the story of love for a friend and it’s the story of love for a lover.  

Rabia and Yawar have been friends since childhood and they know everything about each other. But what happens when they get older and start falling in love with each other? What happens when they get married? Because they do get married and they do have kids. They’re still friends, though. They’re still best friends. 

Recent Famous Urdu Novels. 

There are a lot of famous Urdu novels are available on the market but they are not of cost. You have to buy them in the market. Some novels have audio CD too. A famous Urdu novel is a kind of book which published by famous writers and novelists.

A novel is usually a fictional prose narrative but can also be factual. The word novel derives from the Italian novella, which in turn derives from the Latin novella, which means “new”. The narrative of a novel can be fictional or non-fictional.


Complete List of Famous Novels. 


Urdu novels are the best and one of the most popular literature among the readers. In Urdu novels, the love story of the characters is also described, which makes it more interesting to read.

Some of the most famous Urdu novels are Bano, Aik Pal, Bandish, Deewan e Arjumand, Dil e Najat, Ishq e Qabil, Kuchh Shabana, Main e Hoon Shahid Afridi and Hamsafar. To read about the other novels, please keep reading the blog. 

How we provide Best Urdu Novels. 


If you are new to Urdu novels and looking forward to reading one then you must have confused which one to choose. There are numerous Urdu novels available online but many of them are not worth reading. So we have done all the hard work for you. In this article you will find a list of the best Urdu novels that will blow your mind after reading them. 


We are offering the best Urdu novels and stories online. We have a list of famous Urdu novels that you can read online. You can find all famous Urdu novels, stories and magazines here. We are working hard to give you the best Urdu novels. So we always try to update our Urdu novels stories with new novels. 


Zeenia Sharjeel Novel latest 

Zeenia Sharjeel novel is a famous novel by a famous writer in the Urdu language. This novel is available on our website since last year. You can read it here. Zeenia Sharjeel novel is the story of a girl who is loving and caring.  


She is from a very rich family and her father is a businessman. She is a very nice person and she loves her father’s mother very much. The story is about the life of a girl and some of the events in her life. She is a very nice girl and she is loving and caring. 


Zeenia Sharjeel novel latest is the famous Urdu novel written by famous writer Sharjeel Mirza. In this novel, writer describes about the story of two sisters; Zeenia and Mahpara. Mahpara marries a man named Iqbal and lives a happy married life whereas Zeenia marries a man named Tariq, who is a very careless man. 

 Unluckily, Tariq dies in an accident and leaves Zeenia alone and helpless. At this, stage, Iqbal comes in the life of Zeenia and helps her. This is the story of two sisters, Mahpara and Zeenia and how they live their life. The writer describes various difficulties, sadness and happiness in this novel. You can also Zeenia Sharjeel novel on our site. 

Guru novel by Zeenia Sharjeel 

(Urdu novel) is a famous novel of the famous writer Sharjeel Zeenia. means Group in Urdu. The writer has written many famous novels.is also a famous story of Geo TV’s morning show “Subah Subah Kuch Kaala Hai” which is also written by Zeenia Sharjeel. There are many other stories written by this writer. Zeenia Sharjeel is a famous writer of Pakistan, she is known for her romantic and youth novels. 

Conclusion: To read online novels, visit this Urdu Novels Free issue website. 

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