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The novel of parizaad novel is a work of fiction that offers a deep insight into the lives of those who are often ignored in society. The story is about parizaad novel, who is a poor girl but she is quite talented and intelligent. She is a student of a renowned university but she is unable to pay the fees for her education. She is faced with many hardships in life. This novel describes the life of a girl who has everything to lose. 

parizaad novel is written and authored by Hashim Nadeem. This novel contains an interesting social romantic story of Parizaad, a poor middle-class girl, who is blessed with a very charming and attractive personality. This girl is not only loved by everyone but she is also admired by almost everyone. The novel takes a different turn when Pari’s life takes a tragic turn. 

In the 21st century, most the social stories are based on the joint family structure. The traditional values of the society are followed. The family is the focal point of society. In this novel, Hashim Nadeem has presented a beautiful love story with a dashing pair of Parizaad and Zaara. Their love story has a unique touch to it. 

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parizaad novel latest edition authored by Hashim Nadeem. This novel contains an interesting social romantic story of Parizaad, a poor middle-class girl. The story is about a love story of Parizaad, who belongs to a middle-class family, with a rich young man Asif. Pari Zaad is a story of love, passion, and deceit. It’s an amazing social romantic story that you’ll be able to read online and enjoy. 

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parizaad novel latest edition authored by Hashim Nadeem. This novel contains an interesting social romantic story of Parizaad, a poor middle-class girl who belongs to a small place and has completed her studies and wants to go abroad for higher studies and to fulfill her dreams. But her father could not afford to send her abroad. At that time, she is fallen in love with a handsome guy who is a son of a rich man. The rich man doesn’t like his son to marry a poor girl. This novel is about their struggle and their love. 

A good book is a wonderful escape, and there are plenty of good fictional books out there those readers can get lost in. But with so many books out there, how do you know which books are worth reading? If you’re looking for a good book to read, a great place to start is with the books that are being made into a video Here is the brief synopsis of the novel. 

The writing style of Pari Zaad novel. 

parizaad noval is an Urdu novel by Pakistani author Hashim Nadeem. It is the first novel by the author. The novel is about the story of a poor middle-class family in the fictional city ‘Of Bharatpur’ and the story of their simple life. The characters of the novel are very well developed like in the other novel of Hashim Nadeem. The story of the novel is very romantic and social. The story of parizad is that of a girl named parizad, who belongs to a poor middle-class family. She belongs to a family of 7 members. parizad is a girl of a simple and decent family who is in love with her cousin Arsalan. parizad was the eldest daughter of her parents. She had six younger sisters. 

The story of Pari Zaad novel. 

What are the chances of a young girl who lives in a small city and dreams of becoming a fashion designer to meet a young man from a rich family and be able to accomplish her dreams? parizad (The Extra Zad) is a novel that brings together a love story between parizad and Zahid. The novel follows the lives of both characters and their families as they try to come together despite the odds against them. Zahid comes from a rich family and has everything at his disposal. He can afford to go to the best schools, he can afford to have the most expensive cars and he can afford to have the most beautiful women. Zahid is the typical rich spoiled brat who has everything he wants. But Zahid is also a very nice man who is a good friend to his friends and a good companion to his family. 

The new novel by famous story writer: Hashim Nadeem name of this novel is parizaad novel. The story of this novel is about the life of a poor girl parizad who has to face the problem of poverty and class difference. The story of this novel is written in simple language and is easy to understand. The story of parizad is written very sadly and romantic. People who love romantic stories should read this novel. 

The plot of parizaad novel 

She is a good girl and always does social work in her locality. She is not so good-looking but she is very helpful and kind to everyone. Ishq belongs to a rich educated family. He is a good-looking and well-educated boy. He is a fanatic of his family and his family’s reputation. parizad falls in love with Ishq after a chance meeting. Ishq initially dislikes parizad because of her middle-class background but later on he starts loving her. But he has to face many problems because of his family as they want him to marry in his family’s social circle. He is also not interested in marrying her but he is forced to do so. Will the couple be able to marry each other or not? You will have to read the story to find the answer. 

The plot of parizaad novel is a romantic social story of a poor girl Pari who is a resident of a village. Her father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. Pari is a very beautiful girl and her father is very fond of her. She is a kind-hearted girl and she is a good friend of Najma, a girl in her village. Najma’s father is a rich landlord. Najma is an arrogant girl. She always tries to tease Pari. Najma’s father wants to marry her to a rich man and she doesn’t want to marry a poor man. Najma’s father planned to marry her to a rich man named Usman. He is the son of a retired government servant. Najma doesn’t want to marry Usman because he is a poor man. 

The ending of Pari Zaad novel. 

The ending of parizaad novel by Hashim Nadeem is a mix of sad and happy. Hashim Nadeem had always written happy endings for his novels. He did not want to write a tragic ending for such a beautiful and meaningful story. He wanted the story to end happily. After all, the characters of the novel were nice, talented, and hard-working. Thinking about it, the author’s mind was filled with many ideas about how he would end parizad story. 

Conclusion: The novel parizad is a romantic story regarding two lovers, Taimoor and Parizaad. The story of this novel is written in such a way that it will definitely keep you hooked. 


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