• Umera Ahmad is a famous name in Urdu literature and has achieved an enviable position in it. Urdu literature has always been one of my favorites and I love the use of Urdu in something which is a story but has many layers of meaning that you can enjoy. Here is a detailed review of the novel ” hum kahan ke sachy thy novel Thay” by Umera Ahmad which I read recently. 

  • hum kahan ke sachy thy novel Thay is a novel of Umera Ahmad. It is a collection of three stories i.e. hum kahan ke sachy thy novel Pyaar Hai, hum kahan ke sachy thy novel Khona Hai and hum kahan ke sachy thy novel Kamyabi Hai. Ammi Ki Khushboo, Aik Karafil, and Meri Koi Khushbu are other novels by Umera Ahmad. 

  • Pepar Review said that “Umera Ahmad is an author of many novels who writes in a very simple way. Her words of 

  •  Each story has its own story, its own charm, and its own technique. 

  • hum kahan ke sachy thy novel, Kyun Kahan Se Kahan Tak and  Jhoota Sa Pyaar. 

  • hum kahan ke sachy thy novel is a story of a girl who is under the wrong impression of her childhood friend and falls for the evil designs of her best friend Kyun Kahan Se Kahan Tak:  is the story of a girl who is the daughter 

  • hum kahan kay sachay thay novel Thay is an Urdu novel. This novel contains three very different stories that are woven together to create a beautiful story. The first story is titled “Baat-E-Tasveer” This story is about how a man is punished for his wrongs. The second story is titled “Bol-E-Ronaab” This story is about how we should be careful of what we say to people. The third and final story is titled “Daagh-E-Dil” This story is about how a man is burnt in a fire 

  • hum kahan kay sachay thay novel l story

  • Novels are the best source of entertainment for the people. Novels are a great source of entertainment for the people. The stories are the product of hard work of the novelists. In the present era, the number of novels is increasing. There is a large number of novels in the world. It is hard to count their number. However, some of the novels gain popularity in the world. These are the best novels of the world. These novels are unique in their way. I have selected three novels here. You can check these novels. These novels are the best novels. 

  • hum kahan kay sachay thay novel end

  • This novel is authored by Umera Ahmad. Umera Ahmed is a famous writer and novelist. She is known for her Urdu novels, short stories and columns. She has written many books in Urdu. She has a large number of fans and readers. She is one of the top best writers of Urdu. Her every novel is awesome. She writes a lot of short stories and every novel is very famous. She writes all kinds of novels, short stories, and columns. 

  • Introducing the book.

  • No doubt that Umera Ahmad is a very famous fiction writer and novelist in our country. She has been writing good stories, and novels. She has written a lot of books and has great stories to tell. The book hum kahan kay sachay thay novel is a very nice novel that has three different stories. It has 20 chapters, and in each chapter there is a story. The story is about some different characters and their lives. The stories in the novel hum kahan kay sachay thay novel are really interesting and have a lot of realistic events. The language Umera Ahmad has used in the novel is very simple and clear. It is a very good novel because it contains short stories that everyone can understand. I think every girl will like the novel, because the stories are very interesting and are talking about girl problems. The book hum kahan kay sachay thay novel is very interesting and is a must-read book. 

  • Why is the book important for you?

  • Umera Ahmad is one of the best-known names in Pakistani literature. She is famous for her debut novel, hum kahan k sachay thay novel This book is Umera Ahmad’s first novel. It was published in the year 1985, and since then it has become one of the best-selling novels of all time. This book is a collection of three stories, and each story is written by a different author. The first story is written by Rahat Indori, the second by Umera Ahmad herself, and the third one is written by Intizar Hussain. The book was initially published in Urdu. Later on, it was translated into English. It is one of the best-selling books in Urdu. It is one of the most famous books in Pakistan. It also happens to be one of the most well-known Urdu novels of all time. The book contains a total of 170 pages. It is a bestseller, and a lot of people are interested in reading it because of the success it has garnered. The book is unique because it contains not just one story but three stories written by three different authors. 

  • What are the book’s most important themes? 

  • One of the most important themes in the novel is the question of whether women and men are really equal or not. The role of women in society has been a subject of debate for a long time. In the novel, we can see that the male characters are strong and powerful and the women are very much dependent on them. 

What is the ending of hum kahan k sachay thay novel? 

  • In this novel the writer has given 3 stories. The first story is “ hum kahan k sachay thay novel ” story. In this story, a girl name Pari married a boy whose name is Haseeb. Haseeb was a shopkeeper. Pari was a simple girl. One day Haseeb’s mother was ill. Haseeb was busy in his shop. So, Pari went to his mother to give her medicine. While she was going there she met with an accident. She died. When Haseeb came home his mother told him about Pari. He became very sad. On the other day, he went to her grave. He sat there and cried. After some time a man came there. He was Farhan. He was her father. He asked Haseeb about his daughter. Haseeb told him about Pari. Farhan told him that Pari was his daughter. He said that she was married. He told him that she went to Haseeb’s home. She was very happy to marry with Haseeb. Farhan also told him that Pari died in an accident. Haseeb became very sad. 

Who killed Mashal in Hum Kahan ke sachy thy? 

  • Qutub and Mashal were talking about the person who killed Mashal in hum kahan k sachay thay novel thy. Qutub has done lots of crimes in Karachi and was a part of the group of Zaman. Zaman has killed Mashal because of the personal interest that he had with Saima. After Mashal’s death, the group of Zaman is looking for Mashal’s murderer. Khalid got suspicious when he saw Qutub’s bike and he thought that he was the murderer. Qutub is innocent but he did not tell the police. Qutub has not done anything wrong but he was in the city when Mashal was murdered. Qutub and Mashal were best friends. Mashal’s mother was against Qutub. Qutub has heart disease and he can not harm anyone. After the death of Mashal, Qutub is the only friend of Zaman. Zaman is innocent because he has not committed any crime. 

  • Conclusion: You can read this book to understand the conflicts faced by the people of the subcontinent and their eventual unification. 

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