Darood Taj, the Gateway to Allah’s Blessings

The darood e taj (also known as the gate of taj) is an incredibly powerful dua that, when said at specific times during the day, can help one to enter the gate of Allāh’s mercy and blessings. As Muslims, we believe that Allah sees us every moment of our lives and hears every word we utter; thus, we need to ensure that everything we do comes from a pure and innocent heart – one that can never be achieved without constant remembrance of Allah. 

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                     The Taraweeh Dua: A prayer for peace and blessings.

What is Darood Taj? 

Darood Taj or Darood e taj is a prayer which can be read just once but it has powerful effects on those who recite it and in addition, there are lots of benefits. It is believed that a person who recites Darood e taj continuously will be bestowed with spiritual powers and also will never have any problems related to health because if recited more than 1000 times then one can make his/her desires true in life as well as after death. The darood taj book is available for at Darodding com website. In order to obtain these blessings you need to Darood Taj Book from our site and follow simple instructions given in this site. Once you complete these steps you’ll be able to receive all sorts of blessings from Allah Almighty by chanting Darood e Taj regularly without fail. This site is providing step by step guide for the holy books. For getting more information about Darood e Taj or Darood e taj you should visit our site today! You must take care of yourself. To live longer and healthier you must be happy. One way to achieve happiness is to start reading Darood e Taj regularly as soon as possible. Visit us now and know how important it is for your future life!!! 

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Why recite Darood Taj with your right hand? 

  1. A question that has been asked of me many times is why should you recite Darood e Taj with your right hand? And what is meant by Darood and Taj? I have gathered some information on these topics which may be useful. In short, when a human being passes away it is obligatory upon us to recite certain Quranic verses over them such as Surah Yaseen. However it is also sunnah for us to recite Darood e taj upon them. This can be done by visiting them personally or even just writing a letter containing surah yaseen and darood e taj which can then be left with them. The reason we do not use our left hand is because in arabic language our right side is called the good side and so we always use our good side for things that are good and pure. The other reason we don’t use our left hand is because it symbolizes evil. We don’t want anything to do with evil while reciting Darood e taj so therefore we hold our pen/pencil in our right hand while writing it down. We write Darood e Taj after Surah Yaseen but before Salawat (special prayers). If one were to pass away whilst reciting Surah Yaseen, then one must complete their recitation, if possible, otherwise one must begin from where they stopped once they reach their grave. 

When and where should we recite this darood? 

You should recite Darood sharif every night before you go to bed at least 3 times and after each prayer. There are many benefits associated with reciting Darood sharif but few people know of them. Read on for more details about it and if you wish to get a copy of Darood taj book then contact us.  

When should we read Darood Sharif? Darood Sharif is usually read in the evening before going to sleep or anytime during day when someone wishes to seek blessing from Allah Almighty. It is also read by many Muslims when they need help in their lives and they seek help from Allah Almighty by asking him through Darood Sharif. However, there is no harm in reading it any time during day or night as well as there is no specific time set aside for reading darood sharif only thing that matters is that person must do it with concentration without doing anything else while reading darood Sharif. What are its benefits? There are many blessings associated with reciting Darood Sharif but few people know of them. Some of them are mentioned below:  

1) Reciting Darood Sharif brings peace and tranquility to your heart and mind which helps you to get a good night sleep after reciting it.  

2) Reciting Darood Sharif clears all negative thoughts from your mind thus allowing you to start fresh every morning.  

3) Reciting Darood Sharif helps you maintain focus on important things in life such as family, friends etc.  

4) Reciting Darood Sharif gives you a sense of inner peace which helps you feel more at ease with yourself and others around you. 


Benefits of reciting this darood everyday 

When you recite Darood Taj everyday with sincerity and devotion your sins will be forgiven and your past mistakes forgotten. You will get a special entrance into heaven on judgement day by virtue of Darood Taj. Also when you write it anywhere, or decorate your house/office with it. It is said that allah will grant you good health and wealth in abundance. That anyone who writes darood taj seven times on a piece of paper and keeps it for forty days at home he/she will see astonishing change for better in his/her circumstances. The best time to recite Darood Taj is after Fajr prayers. The best place to keep it written is on top of your head or chest (in case of men). If you have any questions regarding any matter then write darood taj thrice and seek answers from Allah Almighty in prayer. 

You may also go through some daily benefits of reciting Durood e Taja as below: 


1 Reciting Durood e Taja three times after each salaah has been prescribed so that one may achieve success in his/her efforts, be protected from evil-eye and enjoy peace & tranquility throughout life ⇚.


2 Reciting Durood e Taja three times before going to bed ensures sound sleep from nightmares. ⇚

3 Reciting Durood e Taja once after every fardh salaah helps one to be protected from calamities and evil-eye throughout life.  ⇚

4 If a person recites darood taj forty times daily with love and devotion he/she will be saved from fire of hell on judgement day as per Hadith.  ⇐

5 If a person writes darood taj seven times on a piece of paper and keeps it for forty days at home he/she will see astonishing change for better in his/her circumstances as per Hadith.  ⇚

6 If a person writes darood taj seven times on a piece of paper and wears it round his neck he will get all his wishes fulfilled as per Hadith. ⇚

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