March 8, 2023

Darood-e-Ibrahimi, or the Divine Blessing of Peace and Protection, is an invocation that has been practiced by Sufi Muslims since the beginning of their tradition to send blessings and peace on the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It also doubles as an effective warding off of any spiritual or physical harm against you in addition to invoking peace and protection within yourself as well. 

If anyone recites this darood pak before sleeping, he will not be affected by magic or black magic 

La illaha illallah, Muhammad ur Rasool Allah. Hadeeth #2 – If anyone recites darood e ibrahimi before going to sleep, he will wake up safe from magic or black magic. Hadeeth #3 – If anyone does not recite darood e ibrahimi on going to bed at night, Satan sleeps in his eyesight all night long (this is why a lot of people suffer from insomnia). Hadeeth #4 – If anyone recites darood e ibrahimi for 40 days continuously, there will be no effect of magic or black magic upon him. He can neither be affected by it nor can he affect others with it. It is also said that if someone suffers from evil eye, they should recite Darood Sharif 40 times after every salah. Hadeeth #5 – If anyone recites darood e ibrahimi once every day for 40 days without fail, then Allah Ta’ala protects him against any calamity that may occur during that period; even if one’s house falls down upon him or fire comes near him and burns everything around him but leaves him unscathed! 


This darood sharif is a protection from the heart’s diseases 

Allaahumma inni as’aluka wa atawajjahu, wa tawwadu, waghfir lee warhamnee warhamee, darood pak darood e ibraheem. In another hadith in Biharu al-Anwaar it is narrated from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) that whoever recites Darood Ibrahimi once will have a darood sharif written for him by Allah Ta’ala on his table from one year to another. Moreover, if anyone is able to read it for forty times in every morning and evening salaah without any interruption then undoubtedly, he will remain safe against everything. However, those who are not capable of doing so should recite it ten times daily in their morning and evening prayers. It has been reported from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) that when someone recited Darood Ibrahimi once in his presence he asked him to recite it again. He did so twice more before Imam said: O servant of Allah! This darood was sent down by Allah Ta’ala through His beloved Prophet Hazrat Moosa (Moses). When you recite it three times your sins would disappear like lightening and your heart would become pure like a white paper. Then after reciting Darood Ibrahimi thrice Imam said: This is my share from you and I hope that my share would reach me till I meet you in Jannah 

Whoever recites this Darood ibrahimi regularly, he will remain in the protection of Allah. 

Oh Allah! We seek refuge in you from worries, sorrows, hardships, dishonor, degradation and in you we find safety. Make us among those who give thanks. (O Allah!) to provide protection to our body and property With all these conditions, it is quite evident that darood pak is a very special darood sharif because its condition exceeds anything one can think of. Anyone reciting this Darood ibrahimi will be from worry. That includes everybody’s fear whether in war or other circumstances where peace is threatened by terrorism. This Darood ibrahimi has been revealed to protect people against any harm that may come their way. It also protects them against worries, sorrows and hard times as well as any form of dishonor or degradation they may face. In addition, whoever recites it regularly will remain safe from any harm in his/her life. It also keeps him/her safe from poverty and protects his/her body and property too with all such blessings coming upon him/her as long as he/she continues reading darood pak regularly. The only condition for all these blessings is regular reading of darood pak every day without fail. So please recite darood ibrahimi at least once daily without fail as much as possible. One must not forget that just like any other prayer or supplication, if someone does not understand what he/she reads then it would have no effect on him/her whatsoever. Therefore, it is necessary to read something that one understands properly. And now comes an important question: Who are allowed to read darood pak? Well, everyone is allowed but there are some who need it more than others. They are listed below; 1) Anybody in danger should recite Darood Pak as much as possible. 

Whoever reads this Darood after every Fard (obligatory) Salah, nothing will harm him till morning comes 

And if somebody sends it to others, nothing will harm those people till morning comes. So send it to as many people as you can. And recite it yourself when going to bed (at night). If you do so, Satan will not be able to harm you nor your family member on that night! It is narrated by ‘Umar ibn Al Khattab radiallahuanhu that Rasulullah sallallahualayhi wasallam has said that whoever reads darood e ibrahimi before sleeping will be protected from all types of evil in entire day till next day while sleeping, provided he is with imaan (has faith in Allah) even if one reads darood sharif only once! Imam Bukhari rahmatullahi alaihe says that there are numerous blessings for reading darood e ibrahimi regularly. For example, Prophet Muhammad sallallahualayhi wasallam says whoever recites darood pak after every fard salah then there is no fear of any calamity coming upon him until morning comes. It’s also narrated by Abu Hurairah radliyallaahu anhu that Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu alaihe wassalaam has said that whenever a person wakes up in morning and reads Darood Sharif then his sins are forgiven even if they are equal to ocean or mountain!  In another hadith it is mentioned that whoever writes down darood e ibrahimi and hangs it at home then nobody would be able to harm his house! In another hadith it is mentioned that whatever written copy of darood e ibrahimi gets wet due to rain or water but still remains readable then whatever written thing under its shadow will remain safe from any type of poison/illness. Similarly, writing darood e ibrahimi on a child’s forehead makes him safe from fever/cough/cold etc. I have seen many Muslims writing darood sharif on their doors which ensures safety against burglars/thieves. 

Whoever sends blessings on me once, Allah will send his 70,000 angels to protect him. 

Whoever sends blessings on me once, Allah will send his 70,000 angels to protect him. In addition, when a person sends blessings upon me, an angel is sent to earth (to fulfill that blessing). When angels surround a person in his grave, he asks them, Who are you? They reply, We are your [beloved] so-and-so (i.e., some of your followers), and we have come to protect you. This protection continues until they reach Paradise. Then another group of angels will ask them, Who are these people surrounding you? They will reply, These are your followers who were pleased with you and whom you were pleased with. They then accompany him until he reaches his place in Paradise. Then another group of angels will ask him, What is wrong with these people surrounding you? He replies, These are my followers who exceeded all limits in their love for me. So they accompany him until he reaches his place in Paradise. – Al-Bukhari and Muslim #4 – Whoever recites Surah Ikhlas at night, 100 hasanahs are recorded for him; 1000 hasanahs if he recites it during day or night; 700 hasanahs if he recites it during Friday noon prayer; and 300 hasanahs if he recites it during Friday afternoon prayer.: If anyone wishes that Allah should bestow upon him something from His bounty, let him perform ablution well and then stand up and pray twelve rak’ahs invoking Allah by saying ‘Allahu Akbar’ at every bowing down and ‘Subhanallah‘ at every rising up. And after having completed the prayer let him give thanks to Allah as much as possible. 

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