Importance of Saying Safar in Arabic 

During prayers, it is very important to recite a prayer in Arabic or your native language. Otherwise, your dua will not be accepted because Allah only accepts those supplications said in a genuine manner. Allah has created us with an innate capability to recognize prayer recited in our own mother tongue. During flight journeys and car trips, you can read and recite the below written Safar ki dua for journey for safe travel before making a journey. The below mentioned safar ki dua for journey should be read at least three times by every Muslim traveler after ablution. You can say it once on each leg of your journey, as long as you are still within traveling distance from home. It is also recommended that you write down these lines so that you do not forget them during any part of your trip. This prayer should be recited under normal circumstances when there is no emergency situation. However, if you feel threatened or see something abnormal then you can read it whenever needed even if it’s more than three times. Reciting Safar ki dua regularly will help protect you from many problems and dangers such as plane crashes, train accidents, road accidents etc... The purpose of writing down safar ki dua is so that they become fixed in your mind. This way, even if you make mistakes while reading due to fatigue or distraction, then it’s fine because these words have already been etched into your memory! 

Why Do We Add the Word for Car? 

Therefore, we try to interpret all possible meanings into it but still have a specific meaning towards car travel. For example, if someone says Thank You it has a different meaning when one hears them say Thank You to their mother than when they are saying Thank You for someone delivering your pizza. It also has an even deeper meaning if one is saying Thank You at death as it helps with easing any pain associated with going through death due to its nature of being appreciated by others. The same can be said about Safar ki dua for journey for car because it’s just like praying without specifying anything which can lead people to believe in something more relevant than what was intended. However, it should be noted that whenever one prays in Islam (or any religion) there is always a reason behind it so although some people may think safar ki dua for journey for car means just traveling (for instance) on a trip then it could very well be used as such since Islam believes traveling to be one of their top obligations along with prayer. So, pray before leaving home during Ramadan or any time after Iftar time during Ramadan and remember safety first! Make sure your gas tank is full before leaving home, turn on headlights, keep cell phone charged up etc… Always drive safe! 

Whom To Say This Prayer For? 

This prayer is often said by people who are taking a flight or a long train/car ride. This prayer should be said to obtain Allah’s blessings and protection so that your trip remains safe. Remember, safety can refer not only to your physical well-being but also to mental well-being too. That’s because most long journeys require sitting in uncomfortable conditions and being around lots of strangers—both things that stress people out. It makes sense, then, that some Muslims recommend saying Safar ki dua for journey car before leaving on any long journey. They believe it will help with overall stress management (physically and mentally) as well as increase Divine protection against accidents and other potential dangers during your trip. For these reasons, you might want to say Safar ki dua al safar for car if you’re about to embark on a long road trip or international flight. For example, one Muslim blogger writes: This prayer is highly recommended for those traveling by plane and sea. Similarly, another blogger recommends reciting it when traveling overseas. However, it’s important to note  

How To Say the Safar Ki Dua? 

Once you board your flight and make it to your seat, it’s a good idea to thank Allah by reciting a prayer called Safar ki dua al safar. This prayer is read before traveling long distances, such as those more than 12 hours, because Muslims believe that one’s time on Earth is temporary; so, travel should be used wisely. When you recite Safar ki dua al safar, you’re thanking Allah for protecting you from difficulties along your journey. (Note: Before you can say Safar ki dua al safar in Arabic or English, it’s a good idea to ask your pilot if he or she minds.) The next time you fly—or ride in a car, boat or train—say a quick prayer of thanks to Allah! To learn how to say safar ki dua al safar in Arabic, just follow these steps: Step 1 – Say Bismillah. This means in God’s name. Step 2 – Say Al-hamdu lillah rabbil-alamin. This means all praise belongs to God, Lord of all worlds. Step 3 – Say Ashhadu an la ilaha illal-lah wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan rasulullah. This means I testify that there is no god but God and I testify that Muhammad is His messenger. Step 4 – Recite Surat Al-Fatiha. Surat Al-Fatiha contains seven verses and it will help bring peace into your heart when you recite it during times of trouble or worry. 

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